The story of

The Lucky Moose Casino & Tavern is not the first Charity Casino in New Hampshire nor will it be the last. But as you read our story, whether you are 21 years of age or 81, you may realize it might be the most exciting building you will step foot in here in the Great State of New Hampshire.

Let me tell you why. First are the casino games: Roulette, NH Holdʼem (our take on Mississippi Stud) and NH 21 (think Spanish 21, only better), some of the most widely played and enjoyed casino games ever dealt on felt, popular around the world, being played on all continents right this minute by players who are looking for excitement, looking for action.

Second is the food and beverage. Here at the Lucky Moose we have carefully curated a menu and beverage service to provide both great taste and an explosion of flavor. It is a menu forty years in the making with recipes that have passed the test of time right here in New Hampshire.

And lastly are our friendly people. We looked high and low throughout the region for just the right combination of happy-go-lucky and dedicated employees, and we assembled a team who has taken the pledge to create the most fun and exciting environment in the State!

We have been working at providing the most exciting building, the best party, and, as the French say, “joie de vivre” for some time and we will let you in on some of our secrets. For one, we believe “small is beautiful”. You have a choice for your casino entertainment, and we know you want a great party. We developed a building that is just the right size for a great party. We also know you want to keep it exciting; you want a casino developed by casino people that know that what you want is ACTION!!! The Lucky Moose will deliver exciting action in a big way.

And one more thing, in New Hampshire, we pay it forward. Every day, 35% of gaming proceeds goes to a local charity. In the 16 years in business, we have raised over 8 million dollars to help over 160 different charities. It is the law here in the State of New Hampshire and we love it.

We invite you to Enjoy, we invite you to Play, and we invite you to Win.

We ask you to play responsibly, set a budget, and please know when to say when.

Best regards,

Frank Neborsky

General Manager